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Thursday, September 22, 2005


My MA dissertation is due at 5 PM tomorrow.

However, I'm supposed to meet two of my classmates at 10 AM at the student union to get our dissertations bound before turning them in, which basically means that it has to be finished tonight.


Don't get me wrong; I'm on my third edit of the intro and the body. The intro kicks all different kinds of arse, and while there are a few rough spots in the body I can't seem to smooth out - I'm not especially good with very long pieces of work - there are also moments of real brilliance. And in a meeting with my soon-to-be PhD supervisor and his "other star student", R, who's doing her PhD on the same author I'm doing my MA on, R told me that one of my main ideas is incredibly innovative and she's never, in any of the criticism she's read, seen anyone take the angle I'm taking (which is a good thing, according to her, because my angle is really good).

But, well.. I haven't written the conclusion yet.

And there are several page numbers I still have to look up.

And I still need to put together my bibliography and works cited.

And title it.

And print it out.

And print out the cover page.

And I'm... blogging.

Guess who's not getting much sleep tonight?

(On the upside, after I turn in my dissertation tomorrow, I've got a VACATION before I start my PhD! Of a whole TWO DAYS! I am NUTS!)


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