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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

On oddity.

I'm weird in a lot of ways.

I play Dungeons and Dragons. That's really, really weird. Most people I know don't play Dungeons and Dragons, because it's really quite a particular taste, but I and some of my friends do. It's weird, but it's fun.

Watching old Japanese films and really, actually, genuinely enjoying them? Bizarre. Buying two of something when I really like it and I'm unreasonably worried that they'll go out of production? Strange. Being scared of the water jets in swimming pools? Good Goddamn, that's odd. There are a lot of unusual things that people do and unusual ways that people are. The problem comes when one fails to make a distinction between what is usual and what is acceptable.

There are many people in this world who think that things that are unusual are also unacceptable. The people who made fun of me and my friends for playing Dungeons and Dragons, for instance, and the people who give strange looks to those who dress and behave according to a subculture that isn't the mainstream norm: Goths, for instance, and gutterpunks. (They're weird too.) People who denigrate single mothers and divorced women, and people who laugh at those who meet their significant others online. Lots of people look at something unusual and think Other. They think Not Like Me. They think Scary, Wrong, Sinful. They think Punishable.

And that's the problem. Because weirdness is what makes things interesting. Weirdness is the sprinkles on the ice cream. It's the ends of the spectrum, the detail in the painting, the higher polygon count. Weirdness is not only acceptable, but desireable. Things that are unusual have always been looked down upon by some. Unusual things can be scary to people who are used to things always being familiar. That's why weirdness is not only desireable, but essential.

Weirdness is necessary in order for things to progress, for people to learn that there are things out there that are different from them but that are good, not bad nor scary. Those of us who are weird need to express that weirdness, we need to shout it and wallow in it and integrate it and insist upon it and be it. If you're weird, don't hide. Celebrate it, and publicly. If you're GLBTQI, then be GLBTQI in whatever way you want to be. If you like Dungeons and Dragons, for God's sake, play it. If you want to divorce your crappy husband, sign those papers and never look back. If you want to buy three pairs of those jeans because you're convinced that they'll never make them ever again, then plop down that plastic and keep the jeans for a rainy day. And don't ever be ashamed. Because you're essential.


  • Hey. That was the little dose of encouragement I've been needing. :)

    By Blogger Stroll, at 12:08 PM  

  • "Weirdness is the sprinkles on the ice cream."
    That's it. I'm blogrolling you!

    By Blogger LilySea, at 2:28 PM  

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